Choosing the best linen shirts for this season

best linen shirts

A lot of people rue over the fact that they are not able to beat the heat with what they wear in the summer season. Since the harsh summers take a huge toll and causes discomfort, there is no way one can think of styling their attire on the face of it. But what if we tell you that you can team up both comfort and style if you wisely choose the best linen shirts? Well, that is right; linen is one of the most underrated, under-appreciated fabric which has been doing the rounds recently.

Why go for the best linen shirts

Obviously, every fashion enthusiast would like to put their best foot forward in this summer but what else does the best linen shirts  have in store? Let’s have a look

  • Durability- As compared to other fabric, linen is known to be durable, and is exceptionally cooler at the same time. It is this durability which makes your collection of best linen shirts a worthy addition to the wardrobe. Even if they develop wrinkle over a period of time, it adds to the casual to the casual sophistication.
  • Rich look and feel- Few fabrics can beat the suave look of the linen shirts. Linen shirts have an even texture and high comfort factor. The fabric itself has moisture wicking properties which keep you cooler for a significant amount of time.

The best linen shirts to choose this season for a wardrobe overhaul!

Since the summers are on, you are better off developing a collection of shirt which is comfortable, chic and becomes your anytime-wear. Some of the popular choices for linen shirts are:

Mandarin collar linen shirt

They are also known as small, close-fitted shirt with its signature stand-up collar. Going by the history, the mandarin collar shirts came into being from the traditional dress worn by Mandarins in Imperial China. The mandarin collar shirt made using linen collar is also known as Mao collar. The thing to look for while buying these linen shirts for men is the collar, which should not be any higher than 3 to 4cm high and that the edges do not meet at the front.

Spread collar Linen white shirt

When it comes to adding a modern touch for your collection of best linen shirts, the spread collar shirts are almost inevitable. The noticeable feature of this type of linens shirt is the long distance which can be seen between the collar points. Such designing creates a widening effect and balance out the thin faces.

Button-down collar Linen white shirt

Some people may be too conventional in their choices for the best linen shirts. For such tribe, a button-down collar linen white shirt works in their favour the most. Moreover, these shirts are first choices for any occasional or festival wear such as formal meetings or wedding.

French Placket Pure Linen White Shirt

Now these shirts come with their folded twist i.e. the popular material of the shirt would remain folded towards the underside. This fold is known as a placket. Another noted style of these linen shirts is that the stitches are not visible towards the front as they are concealed on the underside of the branded linen shirts.

Linen white shirt

Nothing can go wrong with a linen white shirt. The sheer comfort in linen shirts and the white hue which signifies calmness, white linen shirts would instantly ooze a sense of ease while wearing. In addition, white linen shirts are a great pick for beach weddings as well.


Choosing and making your best linen shirts collection is no more a hard nut to crack with The Nativity; we are synonymous with stitching and crafting some of the best linen shirts for men and women that never go out of style.

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