Decoding why men's linen button down shirts are a must-have

men's linen button down shirt 


Now that the summer has arrived and is gradually spreading its tentacles, you are better revamping your wardrobe to stay comfortable all-day long, that too in style! While there may be many preferences and different ways of styling your clothes, there is one thing which deserves your attention this season; men's linen button down shirt. That is right! Since long, linen has been underplayed. However, the admirers of linen clothing have always raved about its breathability, lightweight feel, and timeless appeal. Such is the versatility of linen shirts that they can effortlessly combine comfort and sophistication.

In this blog, we are going to look further on the advantages the fabric during the excruciating summers and some of the styling options that will set you apart! 

Understanding Linen, the fabric:

The fabric linen is sourced from the flax plant. As a matter of fact, it is one of the oldest and most sustainable fabrics ever known. Add to that the natural fibers possess the quality to make any attire breathable, which means that the airflow circulation in the fabric is free and it also wicks away moisture. Naturally, it becomes the best choice to ward off the heat of hot and humid climates. Linen also has a unique texture that exudes casual elegance, perfect for both leisurely outings and semi-formal gatherings.

Advantages of Men's Linen Button Down Shirts:

1. Breathability: As mentioned earlier, men's linen button down shirts has excellent breathability. This is in contrast to the synthetic fabrics which have gained infamy for trapping heat and moisture. Thus, one can remain cool and not perspired even in the hottest days for longer hours.  

2. Lightweight feel: In the summers, the least you would want is to carry the burden of your clothes whilst being drenched in moisture and sweat. Since linen is inherently lightweight, it is some pleasure wearing them during the sweltering months of summer.  No wonder they have become a staple as a beach wear as you can see men strolling on the beach wearing men's linen button down shirts .

3. Timeless style: Very few fabric or shirt type can have a timeless appeal, and men's linen button down shirts is certainly one of them. They combine style and functionality. Thus, these shirts can be seamlessly paired with a variety of outfits.

Styling men's linen button down shirts:

1. Casual Outings: Casual year is all about being laid-back. However, if you wear men's linen button down shirtsyou also get a polished look! Thus, pair these shirts with with chino shorts and boat shoes to get the most casual look ever. If wearing full-sleeve, perhaps you can consider rolling the sleeves up for a casual vibe. And, yes you do have the licence to accessorize to complete your ensemble!  

2. Office Attire: It is time to ditch the same old cotton shirts and switch to men's linen button down shirts which look chic as corporate wear and also have high breathability to see you through the exhaustive hours. The best part about the linen shirts for men is that they can be paired well with a tailored trousers and loafers too. Though a bit casual, it could still retain the sophisticated summer look with ease. The only caveat to follow is that one should keep choices limited to light, neutral tones such as white, beige, or light blue.

3. Weekend Getaways: If you are planning a getaway on the weekends, do make sure to get a few  men's linen button down shirts. This way you remain effortlessly chic even on the go! In case youa re looking for more of a coordinated look, linen or cotton trousers can be ideal picks. 

The final say

In essence, men's linen button down shirts are a must-have for summer wardrobe revamping and it serves the multiple purpose of blending style, comfort, practicality and better aesthetics which is sought for a sophisticated look. About time, you got yourself linen shirts for men by The Nativity! 

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