The Ultimate Guide to Linen Shirts For Women

Of course the linen shirts have been a staple in men’s wardrobe for long. But are they confined to the men’s fashion alone? Certainly not! Women too can spell a surprise with stylish linen shirts for women. Besides, the excruciating heat in the summers does not call for an elaborate fashion. Rather, the trick is to incorporate something cool (literally!), comfortable and chic. And what better than the linen shirts which reflects the feminine grace and style in all its glory?

Top picks for linen shirts for women

Contrary to the popular belief that the line shirts for women lack variety in style patterns, there is a wide spectrum of linen shirts made by particularly keeping in mind about women’s fashion. Check out some of them:

  1. Linen shirt in white- White may be a basic color but its impact on a linen shirt for women is impeccable. A classic white linen shirt embodies timeless style, and no matter what you pair them up with, they remain versatile as ever. From being an everyday basic wear to being an ideal corporate wear for ladies, the linen shirt collection in white hue is a must-have for this summer season. So let the fearless fashion express itself with a white linen shirt paired with a trouser, jeans or shorts. Tuck it in, leave one side and the other side out or tie it up; the options are aplenty!

  2. White linen shirts in stripes- While white linen shirts for women is a stellar hit in itself, a layer of stripes over the white linen shirts are just as elegant. Moreover, stripes have always been the classics in their own right and they continue to woo many as the vertical stripes make you seemingly slim.

  3. Cropped linen shirts- If you are looking for something of a bold statement with linen shirts, perhaps the cropped linen shirts will be an ideal pick. The cropped linen shirts are shorter than the traditional linen shirts for women and hence they ooze certain oomph, thereby giving a sultry look. What’s more? The cropped linen shirts are handpicked to be worn over swimming costume. This underlines the fact that one cannot go wrong with their choices of a linen shirt as beachwear as well.

  4. Linen shirt on linen pants- For the ultimate laid-back look, the linen pants along with linen shirts for women can surely seal the deal. Moreover, the women on-the-go could prefer extended period of comfort to just style. Linen, a fabric with lightweight and high breathability properties can be an ideal pick for the same.


As mentioned earlier, the linen shirts for women are versatile and they are essential if you want your summer wardrobe to be complete on all counts. The sheer versatility of linen shirts make them leaves you with a lot of possibilities on what to wear with linen shirts. Hence, when chosen wisely, they can be worn as an office wear and even for something as casual as beach wedding! As the summers are ready to spread their tentacles, you are better off in choosing the comfortable linen shirts that can help you withstand the heat for long hours.  

Linen shirts are also noted for being standalone pieces. Thus, there is hardly anything that may go wrong with them as attire. If you too are looking for legit linen clothing which looks classy, feels super comfy and reflects your individual style, do choose the premium collection of linen clothes at The Nativity for men and women alike. Each of our linen shirts are sewn and crafted with perfection for a flawless look and supreme comfort even in the midst of vehement heat.

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