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      Linen shirts designed for every casual and formal occasion

      Over the past few years, people have started practicing minimalism, which leads them to start buying things, especially clothes that are really useful and sustainable. This thought became the reason for the emerging popularity of linen clothes globally. Talking about clothes, linen shirts for men are one of the most demanded clothes that people search for online and offline. Women too prefer clothes that give comfort and style at the same time, which makes the clothing industry more focused on making linen shirts for women.

      Linen shirts at The Nativity

      When it comes to linen shirt collections for men and women, The Nativity offers a wide range of linen clothes, such as casual linen shirts for men, formal shirts for men and women, safari linen shirts, and so on.
      At Nativity, making the best linen shirts is not just about manufacturing clothes; it is an artisan craft that is usually done by hand and requires a lot of knowledge, experience, and time. Linen cloth making is a lengthy process, and this makes the premium shirts a luxurious and comfortable fashion.
      Our designing and making of linen shirts are based on the same manufacturing philosophy. These shirts are the perfect formal or casual option for people who value quality over quantity. There are some major qualities that make linen shirts highly demanded clothing items in all seasons.

      The diversity of linen shirts

      • Pure linen white shirts: Both men and women can pair or team up a white linen shirt with khaki linen trousers and sneakers, which is a great weekend outfit for summer.
      • Slim fit linen shirts for men: An un-tucked slim fit linen shirt paired with denim jeans is the go-to option for both office and casual outings.
      • Men's linen button down shirts: A linen button down shirt gives a unique touch to your outfit appearance as it has buttons on the collars. You can wear it as a formal outfit with linen trousers.
      • Linen shirts for women: Women’s linen shirts are specially crafted to give a sleek feminine look. The buttons, collars, and length are different from men’s linen shirts.

      Quality of linen shirts that makes them unique

      A fabric that breathes

      Linen shirts have unmatched breathability, which generates a lot of demand for them globally. It has moisture-wicking properties that make it a perfect option for summer.

      Versatile style

      Linen shirts are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and styles that go with every occasion. One can opt for various styles, such as mandarin and Cuban collars.

      Highly durable

      As a fabric, linen can last for a lifetime if preserved properly, which is why it is highly valued. Linen has inherent strength, which makes it resistant to tearing and fading.

      Environment friendly

      As a natural fiber, linen shirts are eco-friendly and biodegradable, making them a sustainable cloth. The flax plants are used in the production of linen fabrics that require minimal water and pesticides. The production does not cause any harm to the environment.