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      Linen trousers that have a formal elegance and a casual rustic charm

      Sustainable living and minimalism drive the emerging popularity of linen clothes, which is the reason why the internet has massive searches like buy linen pants for men. Furthermore, linen shirts for men and linen trousers are two of the most-searched types of attire that people search for both online and offline. Nowadays, women too prefer clothes that give comfort and style at the same time, which makes the clothing industry more focused on making linen trousers.

      Linen trousers at The Nativity

      When it comes to linen trousers, The Nativity offers a wide range of premium casual and formal trousers for men and women.
      At The Nativity, making linen trousers is not just about manufacturing different pants; it is about tailoring elegance. Our manufacturing team mindfully crafts these pants by following certain factors such as fabric density, cuts and fits, details, and patterns.

      Types of linen trousers

      Casual linen trousers

      A stylish alternative to denims in seasons like summers, casual linen trousers are light-weight and a great choice for both men and women. These trousers have a wide and relaxed silhouette, with options like straight, wide leg, and narrow bottom styles. Casual trousers often have drawstrings, an elasticized waistband, and oversized pockets. One can pair casual pants with un-tucked slim-fit Lenin shirt or safari shirt.

      Formal linen trousers

      Though casual and formal linen trousers have the same fabrics, they differ in terms of weight and density used in the making. Formal trousers have a denser linen fabric, which makes their appearance sleek and heavy. On the contrary, casual trousers have a more comfortable fit, while formal trousers are made with a structured fit. The precise tailoring makes it suitable for office outfits and business meetings. Formal pants have flat-front closures, welt pockets, and defined creases. Men can pair it with formal shirts for a classic “whole linen look.”

      Quality of linen trousers that makes them unique

      A fabric that breathes

      Linen trousers have unmatched breathability, which makes them a global favourite as occasional and even daily wear. It has moisture-wicking properties that make it a perfect option for summer.

      Versatile style

      You can buy men's linen trousers that are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and styles that go with every occasion.

      Highly durable

      A linen cloth can last for a lifetime if preserved properly, which is why it is highly valued. Linen has inherent strength, which makes it resistant to tearing and fading.

      Environment friendly

      As a natural fibre, linen trousers are eco-friendly and biodegradable, making them a sustainable fabric. The flax plants are used in the production of linen fabrics that require minimal water and pesticides. The production does not cause any harm to the environment.